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Find A Local Avon Representative - This Site Makes Finding Your Local Avon Representative A Lot Easier! Buy Avon Online From an Online Avon Representative! I specialize at online Avon sales and would love to be your Local Avon Representative! See how I can help you below, or go directly to my Avon Store and start shopping!

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If your State is on this list, then You have Found Your Local Avon Representative! I can be your local Avon Representative! That's because Avon has been promoting Online product sales by all Avon Representatives. So if you need your Skin So Soft bath oil, or Anew Skin Care, and can't find a local representative, or even if you want to Become an Avon Representative, you can go to my Avon e-store and I can help you.

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Your Local Avon Representative Campaign Brochures are Available Online at the Avon Brochure page, now called "the book" Each Campaign which lasts 2 weeks, Avon changes the products that are on sale for each campaign. You can find awesome deep discounts on Avon Skin Care, Makeup, Fashion, Bath items, Hair Care, and the Avon espira health & Nutrition line. You can save on each of these products with Your local Avon Representative, or you can Shop with me Online and I can be your Local Rep!
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Find Your Favorite Avon Products On Sale! Campaign 16 is Active from 7/9/19 through 7/22/19. Shop Avon Campaign 16 brochure online at my Avon Store, or see the Sale Highlights quickly right here! When the next Campaign Starts I will update this page. Remember Prices are Available for this Campaign and the previous 2 Campaigns!

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For Avon Campaign 15 Local Sales are Also National Savings, And Available Online with Cindy, your Local Avon Rep Online! That's right, All Avon Representatives have the Same Avon Brochures, and have the same Sale Prices! Let me be your Local Avon Representative! - Just Call me if you have Questions about products! Take a look at some of these Avon Specials below!

Local Avon Representative GlimmerStick Sale $2.99ea

Find the above Avon Specials from Your Local Avon Representative, or don't delay and order them online from me now!
This Campaign Select Sale Items:

  • Avon Makeup Sale - Glimmersticks $2.99ea.
  • Avon Skin Care Sale - Anew Vitamin C Skin Brightening Serum Sale
  • Avon Anew Naked Proof Body Sheet Masks - 2 for $5.00

Avon Local Representative makeup - Lip Tattoo Promotion 2 for $20.00

Additional Local Representative Deals you can also get Online From Me !
Select Gift Specials & a HOT New Makeup Product you might want to try....
  • Avon Makeup Sale - Lip Tatto Special $12.00 Special Offer 2 for $20. + A Free Gift!
  • Avon Fragrance Summer Scent Honey Blossom Flourish Set Valued @ $40.00 SALE Both For $20.00
  • Avon Anew Naked Proof Body Care Products $24.00 SALE $12.99 ea.

Local Avon Representative - Bug Guard Sale 50% OFF SALE NOW

Avon Local Representative Bug Guard 50% OFF Sale For Campaign 15 Your Local Avon Representative Online has Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard on Sale 50% OFF - Avon alternates this sale from Bug Guard BOGO to a 50% OFF sale on other Campaigns. So If you want this special, then this is a good deal for you. If you would rather just get 50% off on a single item, then when ordering just choose the previous campaign and you'll get that offer! But if you think about it, it's really still 50% off, you just have to get 2.

Find Your Local Avon Representative with bath and body needs on sale for you!

Did you know Avon now makes products specifically for the treatment of stretch marks, cellulite, and skin firming products? They are NEW, been out for about 4 campaigns and are receiving good reviews! You can find these products all under the name "Naked Proof" search this @ my Avon e-store, or click the image below to see them along with other avon bath & Body products in the picture below.
Shop Local Avon Rep - Bath & Body Products On Sale Avon Bath & Body - Senses Floral Bubble Bath Trio Gift Set Price $16.00
Avon Bath & Body - Avon Kids Budy Duo $5.99ea. Gift Set Price $10.00
Avon Bath & Body - Moisture Therapy Derma 3 Piece Set Gift Set Price $17.00
Avon Bath & Body - Skin So Soft & Sensual 3 Piece Set Gift Set Price $9.00

Find your local Avon Representative Deals Online here with Cindy. Avon Skin So Soft is one of America's Favorite, and best selling skin care product lines. But are you as familiar with the Moisture Therapy line? It's equally good, and a great deal! Check out the sample below, and just FYI this is just a sample, there are about 200 items in the Avon Bath & Body Care category that are on sale this campaign!
Local Avon Rep Online - Avon Bath & Body Sale Avon Bath & Body - On Duty Sport Bonus-Size Roll-On-Antiperspirant Deodorant $3.00 SALE $1.79
Avon Bath & Body - Avon Senses Sensitive Skin Bubble Bath $11.00 SALE $6.69
Avon Bath & Body - Advanced Techniques Ultimate Volume Volume-Boosting Spray $10.00 SALE $5.49
Avon Bath & Body - Skin So Soft Original Bonus-Size Shower Gel $13.00 SALE $10.99

This is a great time to get your Summer Skin Care Items from Avon! Many come with a SPF sun block built right in!

Prices posted are from Campaign 15 Brochure.
Prices subject to change. New Avon, and Avon Representative
Cindy Artrip are not responsible for price discrepancies, sorry.
Thanks for shopping with me!

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