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Find great deals on Avon Jewelry with Avon Representative Cindy! Find Specials, & follow the links to Buy your Avon Jewelry Online @ my Avon Store. Sale Prices are from current Avon Campaign Brochures. I will try very hard to post New Sale Items as soon as they are available!

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Avon Jewelry; So pretty, so elegant, compromising nothing to bring you the best balance of price and style. Look closely and you will find no greater value than Avon Jewelry for your every day use. Shop the Avon Jewelry Sale online. See below for sale highlights, Click images to go to items!

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AVON Jewelry On Sale Now

Avon Jewelry on sale for the current Avon Campaign! Jewelry on sale is from Avon Campaign 17, 2021.
Campaign 17 is active from 7/20/21 - 8/2/21. I will update this page when the new campaign is available.
Click any image to go to that section of my Online Avon Store. Thanks for shopping with me!

Avon Bracelets

Avon Jewelry On Sale

Avon Necklaces

Avon Necklaces On Sale

Avon Earrings

Avon Earrings On Sale

Buy Avon Jewelry Online | Bracelets on Sale

Avon Bracelets, Earrings, Pendants, Rings, all your favorites are marked down in some way.
Buy Avon Jewelry Online | Avon Jewelry Bracelets Online Shop Avon Jewelry Bracelet Collection Online:
  • Love Infinitely Pull Cord Bracelet - $13.99 Sale Price $10.99.
  • Blushing Ombré Stretch Bracelet - $13.99 Sale Price $10.99
  • Beach Chic Beaded Bracelet Set - $16.99 Sale Price $12.99.
  • Filigree Leaf Stretch Bracelet - $16.99 Sale Price $12.99

Avon Jewelry Rings on Sale This Campaign!
Avon Jewelry | Order Avon Jewelry Online Rings Avon Jewelry - Rings:
  • Love Infinitely 3-Piece Set - $22.99 Sale $16.99.
  • Radiant Azure Statement Ring - $12.99 Sale $9.99
  • Filigree Leaf Bypass Ring - $9.99 Sale $7.99
  • Sterling Silver Birthstone Infinity Ring - $49.99.
Buy Avon Jewelry Online | Shop Avon Earrings Online Buy Avon Jewelry Online - Shop Earrings:
  • Radiant Azure Drop Earrings - $9.99 Sale $7.99
  • Beach Chic Drop Earrings - $12.99 Sale $9.99.
  • Filigree Leaf 3-Pack Earrings - $13.99 Sale $10.99.
  • Pretty Pearly Hoop Earrings - $16.99.
Order Avon Jewelry Online | Avon Jewelry Sale!

Buy Avon Fine Jewelry Online

Avon Fine Jewelry Collection looks great for any occasion! Wear it Everyday because it's Not Expensive!
Get Complements all day because it Looks Expensive!

Avon Fine Jewelry | Avon Fine Jewelry Sale  Shop Avon Fine Jewelry - Sterling Silver, Current Online Sale Prices:
  • Avon Sterling Silver Dainty CZ Cluster Ring - $24.99 Sale $12.49.
  • Avon Lavender Freshwater Pearl Hoop Earrings - $32.99 Sale $16.49.
  • Avon Elegant Pavé Accented Watch - $49.99 Sale $24.99.
  • Avon Sterling Silver Amethyst Necklace - $73.99 Sale $54.99.

Buy Avon Watches Online

A very impressive collection of finely crafted watches for him & her - great gift ideas!

Avon Jewelry | Avon Watches for him & her on Sale   Buy Avon Watches Online Sale! - Click images to see More.
  • Essentials Two-Tone Watch - $46.99 Sale $36.99.
  • Summer Chic Everyday Watch $42.99 Sale $32.99.
  • Sparkling Dial Watch - $33.99 Sale $25.99 ea.
  • Filigree Leaf Cuff Watch - $58.99 Sale $44.99.

Avon Jewelry Necklaces

New Avon Necklaces on sale from This Campaign.
Avon Jewelry | Buy Avon Jewelry Necklaces Online Buy Avon Jewelry Online - Necklaces:
  • Sea Life Pendant Necklace - $12.99 Sale $9.99
  • Frosted Double Layer Necklace With Charm - $16.99 Sale Price $12.99
  • Blushing Ombré Pendant Necklace - $16.99 Sale Price $12.99
  • Beach Chic Pendant Necklace - $22.99 Sale Price $16.99

Order Avon Fashion Jewelry Online

Fashion Jewelry Designs from Avon!
Avon Jewelry | Order Avon Fashion Jewelry Online
  • Iconic Collectible Wreath Pin - $34.99 Sale $15.99
  • Naturally Chic Strap Watch - $32.99 Sale $16.49
  • Jet Strap Watch - $32.99 Sale $16.49
  • Gemstone Earring Pack - $24.99 Sale $12.49

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Prices posted are from the current Campaign 17, 2021 Brochure.
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Prices subject to change. New Avon, and Avon Representative
Cindy Artrip are not responsible for price discrepancies, sorry.

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