Avon Leadership - How Team Building Grows Your Earnings!

Avon Leadership Compensation & Rewards

As an Avon Representative, you have 3 ways to earn money! Selling Beauty Products. Earn on other representatives on your team. And you can earn discounts on products, and achieve bonuses, and other perks, Including Trips! by meeting announced incentives for you and your team members.

Announced Incentives may be rewards for growing your personal sales, team sales, or increasing your team size! Incentives may be announced at the end of the year, or before, or during major achievement awards like Trips. Often there will be more than one incentive running at a time. You will also find, that when there is a "team" related incentive for a trip, there is often a Sales Increase only incentive so Representatives who chose Not to have a Team, can also achieve bonuses like trips!

This page outlines how the "Team", or "Leadership" part of the typical Avon Business works. Incentives work in addition to what is on this page.

Avon Leadership Program 2024

What is Avon Leadership?:

Avon Leadership is a Program by which An Avon Representative builds his, or her own Team, or Downline comprised of individuals that he, or she Recruits to Sell on their Team. Compensation for building a Sales Team is called the "Avon Leadership Program". Many Direct Selling Companies use a similar program. You can compare what I am showing you here, to other companies using the Direct Selling Model. This Model is often referred to as Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM). Comparing Direct Selling Companies, you will find Similarities, and Differences, It's up to you to determine which presents the best offer to you. I chose Avon because I Like the Products & The Company. I never really compared Compensation Plans of other Cosmetics Direct Sales Companies before I joined Avon. Also some people do not rank Direct Sales as Equal, or the Same as MLM. For us here I'm probably going to use the terms interchangeably.

Below is a picture of how your "Generation Tree" might look like once you begin to build an Avon Sales Team.

Avon Leadership Program Generation Tree

A Few Important Concepts:
"You" are at the top, in the large circle. You add Recruits to your team, they are "G1", or "Generation 1" Team Members.
Any of your Recruits in the G1, or Other Levels can also Recruit Team Members, they appear as "Generation 2", or "G2", G3, G4, etc. Team Members.
How "Deep" can a Team Grow? It Can grow Several Levels, G3, G4, G5, G6, etc. BUT You Only Earn on G1 - G3!
Grow "Wide", or "Grow Deep"? Growing your team Deeper than 3 Levels does not directly help your Earnings. However, You should be willing to help Any Representative in your Downline.

Avon Leadership Levels

Avon Leadership Levels & Sub Levels, See How To Advance:

Star Promoter - is the First Level And Is Unique With No Personal Sales Minimum. If you join Avon and do NOT have High Personal Sales, You can Still Begin Growing a Sales Team, and Earning on those Team Members! In Star Promoter you Can Earn on your G1 Team Members. On the day I Joined Avon, My Friend Joined Under me as a G1 Team Member. YES You can Start Building An Avon Sales Team on Your First Day!

Avon Leadership - Ambassador & Above:

Above Star Promoter - All Avon Leadership Levels Above Star Promoter Introduce 3 Performance Minimums. Meet these and You Earn What Avon Calls a "Generation Bonus" on Your Team Sales.
Here are the 3 Performance Minimums:

  • Personal Sales Minimum - This is pretty low at $200.00 Each Campaign.
  • Team Sales Minimum - This grows as you advance. Each step up comes with higher earnings too!
  • Order Number Minimum at G1 Level - In order to qualify for a Generation Bonus you need to have a Minimum number of G1 Orders. If you need 10, then you should have 15 G1 members to be safe. It's possible 1 or 3 Reps will not place an order each Campaign!

Each Level is Further Broken Down into 3 Sub Levels, Lowest Bronze, Silver, and the Highest in each level is Gold.

Ambassador Level - In Bronze Ambassador The Lowest of the Ambassador Level, your Minimum Personal Sales are $200.00 Your Number of G1 Orders is 3, and your Total Team Sales needs to be $1,000.00 This Includes Your Personal Sales. So If you can sell more it helps you meet your Team Sales Goal. Study the chart below and you can see by the time you reach Gold Ambassador You can Earn More than 2X the Star Promoter Level on Team Member Sales! See that this is true for Other Levels As Well. A Gold Leader Can Earn 2X A Gold Ambassador, and 3X+ that of a Star Promoter. It Pays to Keep Adding Team Members!

Avon Leadership Levels And Sub Levels

Avon Leadership Earnings Example

Lets Look at an Example of Avon Leadership in action. Avon has made this Graphic showing how you might Earn as a Bronze Leader. And to confuse things I'm going to add some Math. I'm going to assume Everyone on this example team Sells Exactly $500.00 Worth of Avon Products Each Campaign. We are Only going to look at Bonus Earnings from Team Member's Sales that you can earn, Excluding Earnings on your Personal Sales of $500.00 that you made yourself. Remember, at Bronze Leader Level you must sell $200. worth of products to be eligible for the bonus.

Avon Leadership Example Bronze Leader

1. You Sell $500.00 Worth of Avon Products. That means you meet your Personal Sales Minimum of $200.00 to Earn on Your Team Member's Sales!

2. You Have 10 G1 Team Members. And All 10 Place an Order. You Meet your G1 Order Minimum Requirement (at Bronze Leader it's 10). 10 X $500.00 = $5,000.00. You Earn 6.5% = You Earn $325.00 From G1 Team Members!

3. You Have 6 G2 Team Members. 6 X $500.00 = $3,000.00. You Earn 3% Of those Members Sales. You Earn $90.00 From G2 Team Members!

4. You Have 3 G3 Team Members. 3 X $500.00 = $1,500.00. You Earn 2% Of those Members Sales. You Earn $30.00 From G3 Team Members!

5. Time to Add Up And Find Total Team Sales. Total Team Sales Includes Your Sales, so Lets Start There. Your Sales $500.00 + Total G1 Sales $5,000.00 + Total G2 Sales $3,000.00, + Total G3 Sales $1,500.00. That All Adds Up To = $9,500.00. HAPPY FACE For Bronze Leader your Total Team Sales Need to be $8,500.00 To Earn Your Generation Bonus.

6. So You Meet Your Team Sales Minimum, Order Number Minimum, And Your Personal Sales Minimum, that means You Have Earned Your Bonus!

7. Your Bonus Totals G1 $325.00 + G2 $90.00 + G3 $30.00 = $445.00.

As long as your Team has Sales at this Level, you'll get this Bonus Paid Each Campaign. And the exact amount will depend on each individual's Sales, and meeting shown minimums for your level.

I have over 100 Team Members, so a Minimum order number of 10 is not a problem for me. It's common for reps to have more team members than the minimum once they become established in their Leadership Level.

Avon Leadership Program Full Payout Table for 2024

Avon Leadership Full Payout Table With Bronze Leader Example Above Highlighted:

Now that we have looked at an example of how Avon Leadership Works, you should look at the full Payout Table Below. Remember this is only for Avon Leadership Earnings. Leadership Earnings make up only 1/3 of earnings available in the Full Avon Compensation Plan! Look closely at each level and you can determine what your earnings potential can be at any level in your Avon Career.

Avon Leadership Full Payout Table 2024

Remember this is the Leadership Portion of the Full Avon Compensation Plan. I know many Avon Representatives that do not have ANY Team members, and focus all their energy and time on Personal Sales. At least 2 of those are high earning local Representatives. Both Sell out of their house, one does in home parties, and the other takes phone-in orders and has customers pick the orders up at her home. She does not do any deliveries, and does not own a car. How you form your Avon Business is completely up to you. Do mostly Sales, or focus on Leadership. Don't let this portion confuse you!

Avon Leadership - Sponsor Bonus

Avon Sponsor Bonus Another Incentive to Build a Strong Team!:

The Avon Leadership Sponsor Bonus is pretty straight-forward. This is a new bonus I believe it was added in 2021.

Avon Leadership Sponsor Bonus

You can earn 3% on the sales of Each Representative you Recruited, on any order they place, of any size, But you must place at least a $50.00 order. Again this is a great incentive to recruit team members even if your personal sales are not very high. Notice it's limited to Representatives YOU Recruited, so to me that means it's limited to your G1 level team members. If a Bonus Like this is added, it's often a Limited Time Bonus, and offered as an incentive to Add more Team Members to your Team, and may only apply to NEW Recruits for a Limited time!

Avon Leadership Program - The Executive Level

Avon Executive Leaders Earn Special Perks:

Once you begin your Avon Journey, It's a good idea to aim for the Top Level early, and keep working at it till you achieve it, and keep it. Achieve the Executive Level in the Avon Leadership Program and you can look forward to one of these Regular Cash Bonuses every 2 Weeks! Back in the days when Avon Competed More Directly with Mary Kay, this "Lifestyle Bonus" was called the "Car Allowance", You may or may not know but Mary Kay has Car Bonuses for their high ranking Directors, and Executive Directors. Most have heard of Mary Kay's® Pink Cadillacs.

Avon Leadership Executive Bonus

I want to thank you for reading this far, If you have Questions please call me. If you are thinking about Joining Avon please use the links below, Signup is available only from the home page of my main official Avon e-store page.

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I have to add this... I make mistakes, and I may have misquoted from the Avon Leadership Program's Material. If anything is unclear, you can call me and I will try and clarify. I, and Avon are not responsible for any errors, they are unintentional.

Thank you.